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Pay No Mind all started when I won an EDC raffle from Instagram, I just so happened to be with my Granny Jewell when the package arrived. While opening the package there was a handkerchief, my Granny then says “Let me see that…… well, I can make those” It just so happens my Granny owns and runs a small local fabric store, so the stars just happened to align. Then I thought, with having years of experience in the beard world I would devote some time to produce and sale my favorite all natural blend. With becoming a new father I not only wanted to better myself, but help better a life for my baby girl.


The name Pay No Mind come to me from the simple philosophy: “Pay No Mind to the negativity, the distractions, the haters and anything that stands in your way. Think for yourself and do your own thing. Live life, your way.”


Pay No Mind is the result of taking 5+ years of beard care knowledge and obsession and sharing it with the world. We have distilled that knowledge into all of our hand blended and handmade products, to ensure the highest quality.


“It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice”


Please contact us with any questions and thank you for visiting!

Be blessed and Pay No Mind.